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Selected Retail Analytics and Omnichannel Marketing success stories

  • Shopping Mall
  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive
  • Supermarket
  • Asset Tracking

  • The retail challenge

    • We partnered with one of Europe’s largest luxurious shopping mall chains
    • They had little insights into customer behavior and overall traffic flows between floors and individual stores
    • Several tenants had low store traffic and unsatisfactory performance due to uneven customer traffic between floors
    • It was not clear whether online ad campaigns were reaching target customers
  • The MiNODES Solution


    • We created customer-journey maps: analysis of floor-to-floor conversion and dwell time in different areas of the mall
    • Allowed for a highly tailored voucher campaign to incentivize higher floor visits and subsequent marketing performance measurement


    • Enabled online and mobile retargeting of visitors who visited the mall during marketing campaign periods
  • The Business Impacts

    • 12% increase in traffic to higher floors due to successful marketing campaign
    • Increase in dwell time by 25% on promoted floor
    • Average revenue growth of 10% during the campaign period for tenants on promoted floor
    • 6% increase in returning visitors due to data-driven visitor retargeting
  • The retail challenge

    • We partnered with an international fast fashion group
    • Their previous sales growth and customer accretion strategies failed, due to lack of customer behavior insights
    • Their advertisement budget was largely wasted on ill-directed promotions failing to reach target customers
  • The MiNODES Solution


    • We analyzed their shoppers’ visits, dwell-time & loyalty
    • Evaluated the performance of offline promotions


    • Identified key customer segments differentiated by their varying degrees of brand loyalty
    • Retargeted those less loyal customer segments to increase omnichannel accretion
  • The Business Impacts

    • Identified well- and poor-performing stores based upon their customers’ visits, dwell time and loyalty
    • Optimized shop window and in-store displays resulting in an average increase in visitor conversion by 8%
    • Increased online advertising ROI by 12% by utilizing customer retargeting campaigns
  • The retail challenge

    • We partnered with an international automotive group
    • They planned a company-wide rollout of their new showroom layouts and designs
    • They lacked a global benchmarking platform capable of evaluating the effect of those design changes on visitor behavior
    • They could not define what portion of their advertising budget was being spent on unsuccessful digital campaigns
    • The group’s app only had few downloads and its benefits were communicated neither effectively nor consistently
  • The MiNODES Solution


    • We provided company-wide Wi-Fi analytics that made their visitors’ behavior transparent and comparable


    • Created an omnichannel retargeting campaign which enabled the group’s retailers to redirect their showroom visitors to various online channels
    • Implementation of online, mobile and in-store digital signage campaigns, which either promoted the app’s use or its download (depending on whether the target customer already has the app installed)
  • The Business Impacts

    • 17% increase in the success of ad campaigns by redefining their reach
    • 18% increase in app downloads and 8% increase in app usage
    • Decrease in scatter losses caused by ill-targeted and ineffective ad campaigns
    • Identification of most effective showroom designs by using MiNODES' global benchmarking platform
  • The retail challenge

    • We partnered with one of the leading supermarket chains in France
    • They had very long lines at registers and deli counters which had a negative impact on customer satisfaction
    • Their short-term personnel scheduling process was long and laborious
  • The MiNODES Solution


    • We analyzed wait times and customer traffic flows during peak hours
    • Integrated personnel data and alerts into their scheduling system
  • The Business Impacts

    • Reduced average wait times by 20%, which increased customer retention by 7%
    • Optimized employee staffing efficiency by 12% due to data-driven staff management
    • Simplified store operations management thanks to automated real-time alerts and weekly review reports
  • The retail challenge

    • We partnered with the logistics business unit of one of the leading food retailers in Eastern Europe
    • Their employees had inefficient workflows and movement patterns throughout their warehouses
    • Too much time spent in non-value adding activities due to logistics inefficiencies
  • The MiNODES Solution


    • We provided asset tracking using over 300 Beacons
    • Conducted workflow analyses within and across specific warehouse zones
    • As well as individual-activity analyses for specific employee tasks
  • The Business Impacts

    • Optimized operational efficiency by identifying optimal work flows and process procedures
    • Improved inventory coordination, monitoring and handling
    • Increased asset availability, reliability and efficiency
    • Employee routes throughout the warehouse became 10% more direct
    • Reduced time spent in irrelevant warehouse areas by 15% for individual activities

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Big Data is a key value driver for brick-and-mortar retailers to succeed against the increasing e-Commerce competition. Data driven tools like MiNODES can help to bridge the information gap of traditional stores and enable new levels of customer interaction. Peter Breuer, Director McKinsey & Company's Retail practice
MiNODES' business model is focused on delivering clear so-what messages to help retailers optimize operations and marketing activities. Getting a clear view on how consumers behave in-store is a groundbreaking step for understanding how to better cater to your customers in order to increase loyalty and store productivity. Klaus Appelhoff, Vice President EHI

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